50 Years of the Cassette-Podcast

06.12.2012 Misc
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Ich höre grade den BBC-Podcast anlässlich des 50sten Jubiläums der Cassette. Die wurde 1962 von Philips erfunden, aber erst 1963 auf der IFA vorgestellt, ich schätze mal, davon hören wir dann nächstes Jahr im Sommer noch viel mehr. Hier erstmal der Podcast mit DJ Shadow, Grandmaster Flash, Mike Skinner, den Kings of Leon und natürlich Hometaping is killing music.

6 Music Celebrates: 50 Years of the Cassette with an hour's show looking back at the format's role in music from the early days of hip hop, through the legendary NME C86 Indie compilation tape, the 80s slogan "Home Taping is Killing Music", to compilations, mixtapes and fond memories of the cassette.

The programme features contributions from artists including Grandmaster Flash, DJ Shadow, The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, The Kills, Friends, Django Django, The Shins, Mike Skinner, Beach House, Foals, The Cribs, The Pastels, The Manics, Mike Smith, David Toop, Neneh Cherry and a tiny label called the Tapeworm, who still produce cassette-only releases.

6 Music Celebrates: 50 Years of the Cassette (via Swen)