The ACME Corporation-Print

Rob Loukotka finanziert grade über Kickstarter den Druck eines riesigen Prints mit allen Produkten des ACME-Katalogs aus den Roadrunner-Cartoons. Die Illu ist schon fertig, der Print bereits finanziert, ich liebe Roadrunner & Coyote und den ACME-Katalog und ich liebe Robs Grund für diesen Print: „to make our world a little crazier“. Awesome! Den Print gibt's für 30$ (40$ mit Shipping nach Europa) Beteiligung auf Kickstarter.

Tornado seeds! Giant magnets! Dynamite! Rocket powered roller skates! Anvils! Giant Rubber Bands! I spent over 100 hours illustrating, designing, and researching this one poster.

The fictional ACME Corporation appeared in nearly all 43 Coyote & Road Runner cartoons from 1949-1994. They make any product you can imagine. I've loved The ACME Corporation since I was a kid because they're a true dream factory.

How amazing would it be if The ACME Corporation were real? That's why I made this poster; to make our world a little crazier.

The ACME Corporation by Rob Loukotka (via Quipsologies)

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