Hacked Knitting and the One Dimensional Cellular Automaton-Scarf

 Vimeo Direktknitting

Schöner Clip über Fabienne Serrières gehackte Strickmaschine. Ab circa Minute Fünf wird's Strick-Mindfuck mit Stephan Wolframs Eindimensionalen Cellular Automatons als Strickmuster und sowas. Im Artikel zum Video haben sie unter anderem auch den rekursiven Bill Cosby-Sweater gepostet, den ich letztes Jahr gebloggt hatte.

Once upon a time, there was a warm, fuzzy hack. It was 2010 – Becky Stern and Lada Ada (Limor Fried) built on Steve Conklin’s disk emulator and knitting machine resources to allow their modern computers to work with the ancient microcontroller of a 1980s knitting machine. This meant that they could now knit designs made with modern tools, too complex or tedious to easily knit by hand. They shared their work with the world and since then, following an open hardware model, they and many others have contributed hardware and software improvements, smoothed the workflow, and allowed other models of knitting machine to be hacked.

The Wonderful, Wooly World of Hacked Knitting Machines