Neuroscience of Freestyle Rap

Wissenschaftler haben die Gehirne von Rappern beim Freestylen gescannt. Neuroscience of Flow.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), Liu, Braun and the rest of the team scanned the brain of 12 freestyle rap artists as they rapped over an 8-bar musical track created by Rizik-Baer. Rappers were first tasked to improvise rhyming lyrics and rhythmic patterns. In a second trial, they performed a well-rehearsed set of memorized lyrics.

During the freestyle segment, researchers saw increased activity in the brain's medial prefrontal cortex but a decreased activity in the dorsolateral prefrontal region.

"The medial part of the frontal cortex plays a role in self motivation and the integration of information," said Liu. "On the other hand, we know that the lateral part of the frontal cortex actually plays a role in attention, self-monitoring and other executive functions."

THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON FREESTYLE RAP: Using brain scans, scientists try to find the hallmark of a creative process, hier die Originalstudie: Neural Correlates of Lyrical Improvisation: An fMRI Study of Freestyle Rap