Fuck that Crap, dammit: The WTF-Level of Twitter

Toller Spaß mir Stats: WTFLevel analysiert die Twitter-Timeline auf den Anteil der Fucks und Shits und WTFs und berechnet daraus den WTFLevel, sowas wie einen Defcon-System für Fuckshit-Arghs inklusive API und Scripten, die man auf seiner Seite einbinden kann. Im Moment schwanken wir so zwischen milder Rumflucherei und Hasstiraden, für Netzverhältnisse also ziemlich friedlich.

WTFLevel.com is a project to track and monitor the amount of swearing on Twitter at any given moment. It's mostly a humorous attempt to get an idea of how aggravated the planet is at any moment. We continuously check Twitter for references to a list of swear words. The list is private to prevent anyone from trying to manipulate the system, but as an example, the Seven Dirty Words are all on the list. At the moment, the list is made up of only swears in English. Every 10 seconds we total up the count of all tweets containing a swear, and figure out the rate of sweary tweets from that. The stats on the website are updated in real-time with any new data. […]

Using the Twitter Streaming API, I scan tweets for a collection a swear words and other curse-like expressions. I calculate two values from that data: the rate of tweets which contain swears to those that do not contain swears, and also the magnitude of sweariness in those tweets. For example, a tweet with more swears in it has a higher magnitude than one which only has one swear in it.

WTFlevel.com: Real-Time Tracking of Swearing on Twitter (via MeFi)