New Totems from AJ Fosik

Vor zwei Jahren bloggte ich über AJ Fosiks superbunten Totems irgendwo zwischen indischer Mythologie und Kryptozoologie. Jetzt hat er eine neue Ausstellung in der Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco am Start. Previews gibt's auf der Website der Galerie, High Fructose hat ein paar Bilder der Vernissage und neulich besuchten sie ihn in ihrem Studio.

Fosik explores and challenges the concept of belief as virtue. The transformation process serves as a metaphor for the hucksterism of the holy classes.

Consisting of hundreds of individually cut pieces of wood, vividly varnished and strategically placed, each of Fosik’s pieces undergoes full woodshop gestation, a trade he taught himself. Evocative of American Folk Art, drawing inspiration from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and religious iconography, his sculptures are “existential fetishes.”

AJ Fosik’s “Lamplighter to the Promised Land” Opening Night