Linux on a Calculator

 Youtube Direkthaha, via Ronny

Daniel Tang hat einen Linux Kernel auf 'nem Taschenrechner zum Laufen gebracht und kann da jetzt textbasiert im Internet surfen. Als nächstes bitte Linux und Netz auf einer ollen Casio Taschenrechner-Uhr.

[tangrs] has successfully run a Linux kernel on the ARM based Nspire CAS CX graphing calculator. He’s developed an in-place bootloader that allows a kernel to be loaded from within the stock Nspire OS. It also allows for peeking and poking at memory for debugging.

[tangrs] also managed to get USB host mode working on the calculator. This allows for a USB keyboard and Wifi dongle to be connected. At this point, the calculator can connect to the internet and browse using a text-based browser: Links. The calculator runs a SSH server for remote access, and graphical browsing is in the works.

Linux on a Nspire CAS CX Calculator