We ❤ Retro Media: Vinyl, VHS, Tapes & Film

07.11.2012 Misc #Retrotech

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 Youtube Direktanalog, via Boing Boing

Nette neue Minidoku von PBS über analoge Datenträger von Vinyl über VHS bis Polaroid. Neuerdings (?) veröffentlichen sie dazu eine Liste mit den verwendeten Artworks.

We live in a digital world that gives us all the media we could possibly dream of at the click of a mouse, yet many people miss the old school physical formats from our past. Listening to vinyl and cassettes allows us to connect with music in a different way than MP3s. VHS and 8mm create visual aesthetics and atmospheres that are difficult to replicate in digital video. And the surprises inherent to analog instant photography help embed an organic quality to the recording of our memories. The challenges these retro formats present to capturing and experiencing media actually enhance our appreciation for the sound or image, making the art we love a bit more intimate, and real.

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