Minitature Tool-Chest with tiny, working Tools

This is way beyond awesome: Eine grob 5 Zentimeter breite Replika einer Werkzeugkiste aus dem 18. Jahrhundert, komplett mit funktionierenden Miniatur-Werkzeugen. Und das ist noch lange nicht alles: Der Mini-Verschluss an der Mini-Kiste funktioniert und das Label auf dem Deckel wurde auf handgeschöpftem Papier aus dem 18. Jahrhundert gedruckt. Das Teil kommt von einem Herrn William Robertson und es hat 1000 Stunden gedauert, um das Ding zu bauen. Whoa!

Robertson’s tool chest contains all the same tools that were found in the original. All the tools work, even the plane’s tote (handle) is set a scale 1/8″ to one side as the original. The saw has 160 teeth to the inch. Robinson says that the hardest tool to make was the folding rule with 5 leaf hinge. It is about .030″ thick and hand engraved on boxwood. Things like the shears and dividers also have nice little joints.

Also included in the tool chest are a Kent-style hatchet, claw hammer, a riviting hammer, marking gauge, five gimlets, a smooth plane, backsaw, saw wrest, divider, awl, round file, burnisher, inside/outside calipers, bevel gauge, try square, three turnscrews, four brad awls, an oilstone in its case, three tanged chisels, a mallet and a beak anvil. As stated all the tools are fully functional, with blades made of steel. Other parts are made from brass with handles made of pearwood, boxwood, African blackwood, Bolivian rosewood and maple.

William Robertson Miniature Tool Chest (via Boing Boing)