Myst-Book Replica is a running Touchscreen-PC-Mod playing Myst

30.10.2012 Misc
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Mike Ando hat sechs Jahre lang an diesem Buch gebastelt: Ein Myst-Buch-PC-Mod mit Touchscreen, auf dem alle Myst-Games laufen. Das Buch selbst ist eine ziemlich genaue Nachbildung der Vorlage des „Myst linking book“ aus dem Spiel, eine 135 Jahre alte Ausgane des Harpers New Monthly Magazines von 1877. Awesome!

Von HackADay:

The build started off by searching for the same book used as a model for the book object in Myst. It’s a 135-year-old edition of Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Volume LIV, Issue 312 from 1877. In keeping with the in-game assets, [riumplus] made dies for the spine and cover, embossed the word ‘MYST’ on the book, and filled these letters with 24-carat gold paint.

Inside the newly hollowed-out book [rium] added a very small x86 motherboard running Windows XP on a 32 Gig Compact Flash card. This tiny computer is able to run every Myst game ever made on a very nice touchscreen display.

A real Myst book