Empty America: New York Timelapse

Das Thrashlab hat Ross Chings dritten Teil seiner „Empty America“-Serie online gestellt, heute passenderweise New York. Passenderweise, weil dort grade Hurricane Sandy (Pics, Live-Updates) auf New York trifft und die geräumte U-Bahn praktisch dasselbe zeigt, wie der Clip von Ross Ching, nur in echt. Jedenfalls: Empty Amerca, New York, Snip:

Thrash Lab’s “Empty America” timelapse travel series takes you to New York City. All the bridge and tunnel people have been sent home and Manhattan has been wiped empty! Penn Station, Wall Street, Central Park, Times Square, The Met and Fifth Avenue have never looked so vacant. Sorry New Yorkers, you won’t have much luck getting a cab, but you can experience your city beautiful and empty and take in the iconic streets and architecture without clutter!

Das dazugehörige Bonusvideo dazu: What Makes A Video Go Viral?

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