Bohemian Rhapsody with Retrogames: Is this the real life, or 8-bit fantasy?

 Youtube Direktrhapsody, via Neatorama

The guys had me at Luigis „Mama Mia“, Lyrics nach dem Klick.

Is this the real life, or 8-bit fantasy?
These classic games are my escape from reality
Blow on the cart, insert and press start with me

PAT: I love Nintendo
BRENT: It is no mystery
PAT: Because it's Mega Man
BOTH: Mario
PAT: Little Mac,
BOTH: And Nemo
PAT: When I play Nintendo, it's so very special to me...
BRENT: To me
...Mama, just lost again. It was nice, but then I died,
and I can't find the strategy guide

Mama, the game had just begun
But now I've gone and thrown the fun away!

BRENT: Mama... ooh... I think I made the princess cry...

PAT: When I come home right after school tomorrow
I'll game on till the dawn, because Sega doesn't matter
Too late, my lives are gone
Nintendo Power's got no tips
And that game counselor's a dick
I bought new controllers, but nothing helps

BRENT: And slow mo makes the pain just hurt much more
Mama, ooo-ooooh,
PAT: When we play Nintendo

BRENT: I want to beat this game!

PAT: I'd use a Game Genie, but that's so freakin' lame!

BRENT: I see a little guy is he an extra man?

Silly Douche! Silly douche! You'll get no extra man, no!

PAT: Crazy difficulty, feels like you're insulting me!

BRENT: Old Nintendo!
PAT: Old Nintendo!
BRENT: Used to beat it!
PAT: We were ten though!

SCARY: Games were harder then, you know!
BOTH: Oh is that so?! (oh-oh-oh-oh)

BRENT: I'm a decent gamer, why is this not easy?

SCARY GAMES: You're just a loser and you suck, verily!
Can't beat a game from back when you were three!

PAT: Is there no easy mode? Or a secret code?
SCARY GAMES: Bad Ga-mah No! You'll get no cheating code!
PAT: Eat a toad!
SCARY GAMES: Lame Gamer! There is no easy mode!
BOTH: What a load!
SCARY GAMES: Bad Gamer! There is no easy mode!

BRENT: Easy mode!
SCARY GAMES: There's no secret code!
PAT: Secret code!
SCARY GAMES: Never, never, never there's no code
PAT & BRENT: Oh, what's the code oh oh oh!
BRENT: (As Mario) Oh Mamma Mia! Mamma mia!
PAT: Miyamoto, will you ever make it easy for me?
BRENT: For me?
PAT: For meeeeeeee?!
...So you think you can punch me and blacken my eye?

BRENT: So you think that your demon will leave me to die?!
PAT: Nooooooo, Wily! Can't do this to me Wily!
BRENT: Just gotta play on! Just gotta play on without fear!

BOTH: Ooh yeah! Ooh yeah!

BRENT: 8-bit games aren't easy, anyone can see

PAT: Time to play the next one, prove I'm a real gamer ... to me

When we play Nintendo...