Misanthropic Calendar for a very bad 2013

27.10.2012 Design Misc #Books

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Oh, toll! Ein Kalender/Notizbuch/Whatever für misanthropische Phasen im nächsten Jahr: „Disappointments Diary 2013 is a week-to-view appointments diary with a series of disappointing twists.“ Vorbestellen kann man das Teil hier, Creative Review hat ein paar Infos dazu:

The diary itself is bookended by pages detailing Notable Deaths and ‘Onset of Night (sunset times)' at the front, and empty space for lists of Imaginary Friends and – always useful for those introspective moments on public transport – Notes Toward An Unnecessary Verse Drama, at the back.

Each week has an accompanying proverb to fill you with inspiration, too. These range from the pithy "What doesn't kill you makes you wish it had" and "No news is increasingly worrying" to the more philosophical, "Every cloud has a silver lining around its heavy grey mass of imminent rain". […] "There are many diaries out there designed to motivate and inspire, but there's a certain value in a diary that grounds you and even brings you down," says Asbury. "That in itself can be a kind of inspiration."