Starcraft Risk

Was soll man zu einer Risk-Version mit Terranern, Zerg und Protoss nun anderes sagen außer WANT!

One of the most popular video games in history has mated in a very successful way with one of the greatest strategic board games ever created. The offspring is a very healthy, baby Starcraft Risk! (We counted: it has all its fingers, toes, and tentacles.) Choose between one of the three races: Protoss, Terran, and the Zerg, and wage war on the battle-torn Koprulu Sector.

The game comes with 333 game pieces: 2 Terran armies, 2 Protoss armies, 2 Zerg armies, 6 leaders, 6 custom bases, 15 custom mineral fields, 42 faction/territory cards, a custom game board, and 7 dice. There are also 4 unique ways of playing Starcraft Risk: Basic Training, Command Room, Total Domination, and Team Play. Enjoy the legendary strategy game coupled with a theme of proportional legend: Starcraft Risk.

Starcraft Risk – SCV good to play, sir.