Starlogs Star Wars-Rumors from the 80s: Darth Vader is not a robot

Seit Jahren suche ich einen möglichst kompletten Satz Scans des alten Starlog-Magazins, einem Schwestermagazin der Fangoria (von der ich alle Ausgaben als PDF hier rumfliegen habe, muss man mal was draus machen) über Science-Fiction und zwar genau für sowas: Mike Ryan hat sich für die HuffPo ins Starlog-Archiv einer Bücherei begeben und Gerüchte aufgeschrieben, die zwischen „Star Wars – A New Hope“ und „Empire strikes back“ oder kurz vor der Rückkehr von Kirk auf die Enterprise for „Star Trek – The Motion Picture“ die Runde machten. I love this crap. Hier ein paar meiner Favorites:

- I have just read an article on David Prowse. He said that not only will there be a "Star Wars" 3 and 4, but that it will go all the way up to 12. He says that George Lucas' dream is to turn out 24 hours of "Star Wars" so people can go into a theater and stay for the whole day. He said it would take 22 years for it to happen. Could this be really true?

- A Hollywood trade newspaper recently reported that music for the new "Star Wars" film, "The Empire Strikes Back," might introduce a newcomer to epic scoring: Mick Jagger, The item stated that Jagger had been asked to compose the score.

- Luke and C-3PO are captured by a horrendous alien (stop-motion animated, the story goes) who dumps them into a tank-like prison filled with a breathable liquid. The only way the alien can be killed (shades of Dracula) is to drive a metal stake through his heart. The only metal around, unfortunately, is C-3PO; and Luke melts the 'driod down to fabricate the weapon.

'Starlog' Magazine: Crazy Movie Rumors Before The Internet (via Fanboy)