The ISS Startrails

 Vimeo Direktiss, via Ronny

Ich hab' keine Ahnung, was „Stacks“ sein sollen, aber beim ansehen des Videos sehen die für mich wie Photoshop-Layer aus, die im Ebenen-Modus „Screen“ übereinandergelegt werden. Irgendwie sowas, nur für Videokram. Jedenfalls: Schick!

This Video was achived by "stacking" image sequences provided by NASA from the Crew at International Space Station. These Stacks create the Star Trails, but furthermore make interesting patterns visible. For example lightning corridors within clouds, but they also show occasional satellite tracks (or Iridium Flashes) as well as meteors - patterns that interrupt the main Star Trails, and thus are immediately visible.

The many oversaturated hot pixels in some scenes are the inevitable result of the very high ISO settings the Nikon D3s in use at the ISS have been dialed to keep exposure times as short as possible (due to the high speed the ISS travels with). Unfortunately as there are no dark frames or RAW data currently available, these hot pixels are not easy to remove.