Glitch-Architecture in Google Earth

 Vimeo Direktglitch, via Creative Applications

Toller Kurzfilm von Charlie Behrens, der Glitches in Google Earth untersucht. Auch super: Der Mann belässt es nicht bei dem Glitch-Kurzfilm, sondern liefert gleich auch noch ein halbexperimentelles „Research Document“ zu Glitch-Art, New Aesthetics, „Concept-Moshing“ und „The Aesthetic of Failure“. Super!

This short film is intended to encourage a creative audience to seek out Kevin Slavin’s talk Those Algorithms Which Govern Our Lives. It employs an effect which takes place in Google Earth when its 3D street photography and 2D satellite imagery don’t register correctly. This glitch is applied as a metaphor for the way that our 21st century supercities are physically changing to suit the needs of computer algorithms rather than human employees.

Issuu Direktfailure

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