Victorian Microscope Slides

Eine komplette Website über alte Objektträger aus dem 19. Jahrhundert. Ich liebe es! Die Bilder sind übrigens allesamt MedRes und größer als abgebildet, muss man runterziehen oder in neuen Tabs öffnen. (Und: Vorsicht, Frames und ComicSans-Alarm. Is' mir aber wurscht bei Objektträgern aus dem 19. Jahrhundert.)

Within the pages of this site, we have endeavored to present a broad selection of Antique Microscope Slides along with a bit of general background and historical context for the various examples. Most of these slides were produced during the period of time from approximately 1830 to 1900, primarily in England, but with a few from France, Germany, and the US. We have attempted to show a representative cross section from the immense variety of commercial and amateur mounts that were produced during that era.

A Selection of Antique Microscope Slides from the Victorian Era c. 1830s ~ 1900 (via Quipsologies)