When Salman Rushdie met the Mario Brothers

Auch noch nicht gewusst: Als Salman Rushdie damals auf der Flucht vor der Fatwa wegen seiner „Satanischen Verse“ war und in einem Versteck lebte, hat er ziemlich viel seiner Zeit mit dem Zocken von Super Mario totgeschlagen:

Given Rushdie’s lonely and claustrophobic circumstances in what his late friend Christopher Hitchens called “the time of the toad,” it was scarcely surprising that the fantasy-loving novelist whose favorite childhood stories were The Wizard of Oz and The Arabian Nights should occasionally transform himself into Mario the mustachioed plumber and run away to Mushroom Kingdom. The magic console was the next best thing to a magic carpet or magic lamp, and it quickly became the “Genie-come-lately” in his fantasy arsenal.

Salman Rushdie Meets Super Mario (via 3Quarks Daily)