Vote for Mitt Romney: Christ, what an Asshole!

Für dieses Foto von Mitt Romney bei einem Besuch in einer Grundschule gibt's nur eine Bildunterschrift: „Christ, what an Asshole!“ Und Yesteryear Collectibles verkaufen schicke Romney/Ryan-Anstecker für ihren 1950er-Wahlkampf:

DETAILS: Although the ideology is dated by the standards and progress of recent history, this original Romney/Ryan 1950’s campaign poster and button set are a fantastic representation of a period this great country overcame.

CONDITION: Poster is crisp and clean with subtle yellowing, no rips or folds. Buttons are in great shape with little to minimal patina formed along the backside. These iconic items are as close to perfect as you can get from the 1950’s era.

Vintage 1950’s Romney/Ryan Campaign Poster & Supporter Group Button Set! *MINT*

Bonustrack: Take the R-Train:

 Youtube Direkttrain, via Gawker, Boing Boing, AnimalNY