HTML – The Boardgame

Awwww! Ein Webdesign-Boardgame basierend auf der Hypertext Markup Language mit dem etwas bekloppten Namen cHTeMeLe. Das Spiel steht unter CC-Lizenz, die Regeln auf Englisch sowie Downloads der Spielkarten und Boards gibt's hier, eine professionell gedruckte und produzierte Version des Games gibt's auf der Crowdfunding-Seite.

In cHTeMeLe, players endorse their favorite web browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, or IE) and then score points by correctly laying out HTML tags, while also trying to bug or crash their opponents’ code.

Despite cHTeMeLe’s technical theme, its developers claim you don’t need any web programming experience to play. The game takes web design standards and boils them down into game rules that even children can learn. To help less technical players keep everything straight, the tag cards use syntax highlighting that different parts of code have unique colors — just like an Integrated Developer Environment. No one is going to completely pick up HTML5 purely by playing cHTeMeLe, but it does have some educational value for understanding basic tags and how they fit together.

cHTeMeLe is a board game about HTML (via /.)