Heute 14:30 Uhr: Felix Baumgartners Supersonic Freefall live

[update] Hier ein Video und ein GIF und Kram des Absprungs: Felix Baumgartners Free Fall from Space GIF’d.

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[update] Der Sprung wurde wegen Windes auf 15:30 Uhr verschoben, allerdings waren die Server von Red Bull jetzt schon down und der Stream auf YT lädt sich auch tot. N-TV berichtet live, hier der Stream, Alternativen gerne in die Comments.

Heute um 14:30 Uhr spring Felix Baumgartner aus dem größten Ballon, der jemals gebaut wurde, aus 36.576 Metern höhe und versucht, eine Geschwindigkeit von 1,2 Mach zu erreichen, um die Schallmauer zu durchbrechen. Damit wäre er der erste Mensch, der das ohne Schutz eines Vehikels geschafft hat. Hier die Website zum Projekt, hier der Livestream auf Youtube (ich binde den oben ein, sobald er läuft), hier der Trailer dazu:

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Der Rekord für den höchsten Sprung ist 50 Jahre alt und wird von Air Force Colonel Joseph Kittinger gehalten, den Sprung kennt Ihr möglicherweise aus einem Musikvideo für „Davyan Cowboy“ von den Boards of Canada:

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Joe's record jump from 102,800 ft in 1960 was during a time when no one knew if a human could survive a jump from the edge of space. Joe was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force and had already taken a balloon to 97,000 feet in Project ManHigh and survived a drogue mishap during a jump from 76,400 feet in Excelsior I. The Excelsior III mission was his 33rd parachute jump.

Although researching extremes was part of the program's goals, setting records wasn't the mission's purpose. Joe ascended in helium balloon launched from the back of a truck. He wore a pressurized suit on the way up in an open, unpressurized gondola. Scientific data captured from Joe's jump was shared with U.S. research personnel for development of the space program. Today Felix and his specialized team hope to take what was learned from Joe's jumps more than 50 years ago and press forward to test the edge of the human envelope.

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PopSci: The Alien Origins Of Felix Baumgartner's Attempt To Skydive From 23 Miles Up: „Roswell, New Mexico, was the drop zone for some of the first high-altitude skydives, precursors to Baumgartner's record-setting dive scheduled for Tuesday. Here, from the archives of the UFO Museum, is a look at those early government efforts--and how they created a public panic.“

Before Red Bull Stratos, there was Project Excelsior—the Air Force program that launched a human, Colonel Joe Kittinger, to a record-setting 103,000 feet in 1960. And before Project Excelsior came an operation called High Dive: Its goal was to figure out whether a pilot or astronaut might parachute safely from extreme altitudes in the event of an emergency. Faux test pilots such as “Sierra Sam” were outfitted in flight suits and instrumented with data recorders, then sent as high as 98,000 feet to see how they fared on the way back down.

Answer: not well. “Damage to the dummies included loss of heads, arms, legs and fingers,” according to “The Roswell Report." Prevailing winds pushed the majority outside of military reservations, some near Roswell, the author notes, and recovery crews swept in with an eyebrow-raising variety of military aircraft and vehicles. (They also used gurneys to transport the 200-pound dummies—in retrospect, an ill-considered choice). Several bodies were never recovered. What’s more, accelerometers revealed the dummies entered uncontrolled spins of up to 200 revolutions per minute (RPM) as they fell.

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