Empathy Captcha vs Homophobes keeps out Bots, Trolls, Idiots

Die schwedischen Aktivisten der Civil Rights Defenders haben ein Captcha entwickelt, das nicht nur Bots, sondern auch Trolle und Vollidioten vom kommentieren abhalten soll. Ob's funktioniert ist fraglich, aber 'ne nette Idee für 'ne gute Sache ist es definitiv. Anlass ist die Absage einer LGBT-Demo in Serbien durch die Polizei, wegen befürchteter Übergriffe durch Nazis.

Their version doesn’t just present a scrambled word to be deciphered, but instead forces a person to choose the right word to unscramble based on the proper emotional response to a human rights violation. Civil Rights Defenders, the Swedish-based group that developed the tool, hopes the Civil Rights Captcha will help sites block spiders and bots, while letting humans in — and hopefully educating the humans at the same time.

One hopes that being required to choose “Terrible” rather than “Fascinated” when asked how you feel about gay people being beaten will keep out the trolls — but that’s probably asking too much. But perhaps forcing a troll to repeatedly choose an empathetic response will, over time, soothe the ravages of comment sections around the net. Okay, that might also be asking too much, but at the very least spreading information about human rights abuses certainly can’t hurt, even if the jerks of the internet (see, for example, YouTube comments) remain beyond help.

PHP Library und API gibt's hier: Civil Rights Captcha is a free Anti Spam Service that takes a stand for Civil Rights Issues across the Globe, Wired: Fend Off Trolls, Bots and Jerks With ‘Empathy’ Test