Illuminati Collectibles: Vintage Items from Secret Societys

Collectors Weekly hat einen sehr schönen Artikel über alte Sammlerstücke aus Geheimbünden wie den Freimaurern. Ich wollte den Artikel ohnehin bloggen, da hat mir Autoren Lisa Hix den grade nochmal gemailt: „Ever wanted to know what the hell Freemasons do or what all their weird symbols mean? Why Odd Fellows keep real human skeletons? Or why people freak out about the supposed Illuminati? We found out what the All-Seeing Eye, the skulls, and checkerboard floor seen in all those Rihanna and Lady Gaga videos are all about.“

Das Bild oben zeigt einen Meisterteppich der Freimaurer, „a basic emblematical chart for the instruction of Freemasonry. Scrolls such as this were produced during the 19th century as teaching aides for the Worshipful Master“, darunter eine Metallkugel, die sich zu einem mit Freimaurer-Symbolen versehenen Kreuz auseinanderpuzzeln lässt. Das Teil rechts: „This sterling silver Past Master’s Jewel was presented to David Lettelier when he became Worshipful Master of his Lodge. It was passed down from his great-grandfather who was a Past Master in Pennsylvania.“ Awesome silly stuff!

For some, Masonic and other fraternal items, particularly those from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, are simply sexy collectibles. For others, these groups are linked to devil-worship and sinister plots to install a New World Order, ideas fed by fictional films like 2006’s “DaVinci Code.” But most cooler heads view them as rather tame social clubs, where older gentlemen talk about philosophy, science, and God, pausing to occasionally invest a bit of their time (which they have a lot of) and money (not so much) in charity.

“All the conspiracy theories that we’re out to control the world are a bunch of hogwash,” says Dave Lettelier, a Freemason, retired cabinetmaker, and the curator of the Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum. “Most Masonic Lodges today have a hard time repairing the roof of their Lodge or the air-conditioning system. This thing about world domination, it’s so hokey. As Masons, we just laugh at that.”

Decoding Secret Societies: What Are All Those Old Boys’ Clubs Hiding?

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