A Ton Of Links: The Junk King, Ray Harryhausen and Alan Moores lost Stan Lee-Essay

27.09.2012 Misc #Linkdump

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 Vimeo Direktshelter

Hier erstmal die tolle Holzwelt-Animation „Shelter“ von Carl Burton („An epic secret world is revealed within an attic during a rainstorm“), nach dem Klick ein ganzer Haufen weiterer Links, unter anderem mit 'nem 1983er Essay über Stan Lee von Alan Moore, einem 1974er Interview mit Ray Harryhausen, der Eröffnung des ersten Legolands, Zeichenunterricht von Todd McFarlane, 'nem Podcast über digitale Kompressionsverfahren, schwedischen Hotline-Riots von 1982 und und und.


Birdmask Visuals von Neal Coghlan:
 Vimeo Direktbirds

STORYBOARD: Brick House: Lego Legend Sean Kenney on Vimeo: As one of only 13 Lego Certified Professionals in the world, Sean Kenney is at the top of the brick-building game. We went into his studio to check out his workspace. Not surprisingly, building with Legos all day turns out to be a pretty fun job.

Andrew McAfee: Are droids taking our jobs? - YouTube: Robots and algorithms are getting good at jobs like building cars, writing articles, translating -- jobs that once required a human. So what will we humans do for work? Andrew McAfee walks through recent labor data to say: We ain't seen nothing yet. But then he steps back to look at big history, and comes up with a surprising and even thrilling view of what comes next.

The Junk King on Vimeo: Vince Hannemann, A.K.A. the Junk King, has spent much of his life constructing the Cathedral of Junk in Austin, TX. In 2010, the city of Austin requested a building permit and Vince was forced to tear down nearly half of his creation. Despite this traumatic event and with the help of many supporters, Vince was still able to keep the Cathedral alive and continue its legacy.

Bing Hitler (Craig Ferguson) - Live At Glasgow Pavillion (1987) - YouTube: Craig Ferguson's early alter ego Bing Hitler live at the Glasgow Pavillion on the 14th October 1987.

B.L.O.T. on Vimeo: B.L.O.T. are an Indian DJ / art collective making an audiovisual portrait of Bombay.

Snail Trail on Vimeo
Boringtown on Vimeo
First Legoland Park opens in Billund (1968) - YouTube
travel service timelapse on Vimeo
ILUMINA on Vimeo
Live action light painting // TECH:TEST on Vimeo


Interview with Ray Harryhausen, 10th October 1974:
 Youtube Direkthausen

Annotated Filmography of Charlie Chaplin | MetaFilter: an annotated list of all 82 of his official short and feature films in chronological order, as well as several more, with links to where you can watch them; it's not like you had work to do right?

Music History in GIFs

Soulful Press - Soul Magazine Covers


Your Life's Supervillains - CollegeHumor Article

Vaughn Bode Archive - Toronto Comic Con Interview (Full Version) - YouTube

Art Lessons with Todd McFarlane - YouTube

Voices of Marvel - YouTube: The Merry Marvel Marching Society was Marvel's fan club back in the early Sixties. Readers sent Marvel just one dollar, and they were in! As a member of MMMS, you were mailed a treasure-trove of Marvel goodies, including a 45 rpm RECORD featuring the Marvel Bullpen -- that record is enhanced with pictures HERE!

Alan Moore's Lost Stan Lee Essay, 1983, part 1

Alan Moore's Lost Stan Lee Essay, 1983, Part 2: Do you know what Spider-Man was doing fifteen years ago? Well, he was about nineteen years old, he worried a lot about what was right and what was wrong and he had a lot of trouble with his girlfriends.
On the benign side, nearly everyone working in the medium today, especially those of us who are writers, owe Stan Lee a very great debt. I'd be the first to admit that any flair which my own writing might possess probably originates back on that Thursday afternoon when I was eight years old, sitting and boggling at the strange-looking comic that was far removed from Blackhawk as Mother Theresa is from Hugh Hefner. That's a debt that I don't take lightly, and if I wore a hat it would certainly be doffed to Mr. Lee for providing me with the inspiration that is currently helping to pay my rent.


Herb Lubalin - Typographer Extraordinaire: Herb Lubalin's shadow still looms large over modern typography and the ITC Avant Garde font he devised has been used widely on many logos throughout the last two decades. His work as a graphic designer focused mainly on typefaces and how they could dramatically impact upon the message while much of his work is considered by many to be years ahead of its time.

#payphoneography - About Payphoneography: Remember pay phones? Those things on the street you used to put change in when you got a beep on you pager. Those dinosaurs of the communications world are still around – for now. They are getting removed one by one (or often a few parts at a time).
In December 2011 Dan Marker-Moore started documenting this on instagram as @payphones. Starting in Los Angeles the project quickly evolved and expanded out New York, Chicago, and other parts of California. At the same time other photographers got involved and began taking photos of payphones and using the hash tag payphoneography .

Vintage Postcards - a set on Flickr


Asteroid Discovery - 1980-2012 - UHDTV - YouTube

MAKE | The Rockwell International Integrated Space Plan

Die Kunst der Verdichtung: ZIP! Wie man Dinge klein rechnet (MP3): Mathematiker und Informatiker haben Formeln gefunden für die Datenkompression.

A computerized house that generates as much energy as it uses | KurzweilAI: The NIST has unveiled a laboratory in the form of a typical suburban home, designed to demonstrate that a family of four can generate as much energy as it uses in a year.
The two-story, four-bedroom, three-bath "Net-Zero Energy Residential Test Facility" was built to U.S. Green Building Council LEED Platinum standards – the highest standard for sustainable structures.
It incorporates energy-efficient construction and appliances, as well as energy-generating technologies such as solar water heating and solar photovoltaic systems. A solar photovoltaic system will generate electricity to power lights and appliances when weather permits, and excess energy will be sent back to the local utility grid by means of a smart electric meter.
The house will draw energy from the grid on days it cannot generate enough on its own, but over the course of a year it will produce enough to make up for that purchased energy, for a net-zero energy usage.


How Collecting Opium Antiques Turned Me Into an Opium Addict | Collectors Weekly: You really have to work hard to get hooked on smoking opium. The Victorian-era form of the drug, known as chandu, is rare, and the people who know how to use it aren't exactly forthcoming. But leave it to an obsessive antiques collector to figure out how to get to addicted to a 19th-century drug.

BBC News - Ghana witch camps: Widows' lives in exile: Kukuo, one of Ghana's six witch camps, where women accused of witchcraft seek refuge from beating, torture or lynching.
The camps are said to have come into existence more than 100 years ago, when village chiefs decided to establish isolated safe areas for the women. They are run by tindanas, leaders capable of cleansing an accused woman so that not only is the community protected from any witchcraft but the woman herself is safe from vigilantes.
Today they are still run by local chiefs, and accommodate up to 1,000 women in spartan huts with no electricity or running water, and roofs that leak.

The Adventures of the Real Tom Sawyer | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine: Mark Twain prowled the rough-and-tumble streets of 1860s San Francisco with a hard-drinking, larger-than-life fireman

Hot Line Riot from 1982 | F.A.T.: Social networks and rumors, like viruses, spread exponentially. One tells another. They tell two more. The four become 8, then 16, 32, 64 and so on and so forth. Not only that. Along the way they may also encounter a true hub, an extremely well-connected supernode. That's when the spreading completely explodes. Such a thing must have happened between the 9th of September and the 17th of September that we now move to.

Wolfgang Blau: Auch das schärfste Urheberrecht würde den Verlagen nicht helfen – Stefan Niggemeier: Der Mut der Politik, das scheinbar immer noch Unaussprechliche endlich deutlicher auszusprechen: Dass infolge der Digitalisierung, dann der Vernetzung im Internet und nun auch noch der rapide voranschreitenden mobilen Vernetzung via Smartphone ganze Branchen und ganze Berufszweige verschwinden werden.
Auch das schärfste und rigideste Urheberrecht würde nicht verhindern können, dass die Verlagslandschaft in den nächsten Jahren weiter aus den Angeln gehoben wird. Wer glaubt, die letzten zehn Jahre seien transfomativ und herausfordernd gewesen, sollte sich darauf einstellen, dass mit der jetzt einsetzenden Nutzungsverlagerung ins mobile Netz noch viel dramatischere Entwicklungen, Umsatz- und Auflageneinbußen bevorstehen als in den letzten Jahren.

Filesharing: Kreativität braucht kein Copyright - SPIEGEL ONLINE: Lobbyisten und Verbraucherschützer, Konservative und Liberale - sie alle streiten über das Urheberrecht. Dabei forschen internationale Wissenschaftler längst zum Thema und haben zwei Erkenntnisse gewonnen: Kreativität entsteht auch ohne Copyright, und starre Gesetze behindern neue Geschäftsmodelle.

Freedom to Riot: On the Evolution of Collective Violence | The Primate Diaries, Scientific American Blog Network: From London to the Middle East riots have shaken political stability. Are the answers to be found in human nature?