Linux Installation as Terrorism

Ein paar fiese Hacker und Vandalen sind in das Büro des republikanischen Politikers Michael Grimm eingebrochen und haben auf seinem Rechner Linux installiert. Die Polizei und Grimm stufen die Installation als terroristischen Akt ein.

Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm is calling vandalism and the erasure of computer drives at his Republican campaign headquarters over the weekend a "politically motivated" crime.

"Whoever did this, the people responsible are very ignorant, and they don't understand that this is not just an attack against me or my campaign," Grimm, a freshman, told the Staten Island Advance. "This is an attack against a federal campaign office, which is an attack on our democracy as a whole. It's an attack against what we stand for, for free elections." […]

Linux, an open-source operating system, was installed on Grimm's computers, erasing the hard drive contents, which included polling and voter identification data.

Congressman's S.I. Campaign Office Vandalized (via /.)