Ernst Haeckel on Bikinis

Motive aus Ernst Haeckels 1898er „Kunstformen der Natur“ auf Bikinis (und Schals und Kissen und Wallsticker), würde ich direkt so anziehen, sähe aber sicher etwas komisch aus. Cool Hunting hat ein paar Details:

Erlanson and her international team took the project a step further and began the work of designing patterns to print onto textiles. Decorative pillows and oversized scarves followed, and Haeckel Haus Co. eventually expanded beyond Haeckel himself: current designs incorporate vintage backgrounds and other scientific drawings from the era. Individual lithographs are collaged, resized and patterned to outfit beachwear, furniture and wallpaper in addition to the roll charts and textiles. The patterns are like a wearable curiosity shop, full of strange and vibrant images of birds and marine life.

Haeckel Haus Co. – Nineteenth-century lithographic curiosities reborn for home and fashion

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