Anti-Terrorism-Training with the Walking Dead

 Youtube Direktundead

Während einem Anti-Terror-Training für Militär und Polizei Ende Oktober werden Soldaten unter anderem eine Zombie-Apocalypse bekämpfen. Auf die Idee kamen sie, nachdem das CDC einen „offiziellen“ Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide veröffentlichte.

First responders and law enforcement will be fighting off zombies next month in a training exercise that will rival any Hollywood movie. The good guys will be fighting off zombies that look like they came right out of the “Walking Dead,” claims Brad Barker, the president of the organization hosting this training. The Counter-Terrorism Summit in San Diego next month is putting a spin on the exercises like never seen before.

Barker said the zombies throw a whimsical spin on this very well-respected training exercise. The event is hosted by the security firm of HALO Corp. The mock terrorism scenario is to include people dressed up like zombies who will test the readiness of first responders and law enforcement to a large-scale crisis.

Zombies to attack first responders in real-life 'Walking Dead' training (via Horror Movies)