Jailhouse Photography

F-House#2, Stateville Correctional Center, Illinois

David Leventi fotografiert Räume in Palästen, Opernhäusern und Gefängnisse. Die Fotoserie nennt sich „Bjoerling’s Larynx“ (Jussi Bjöerlings Kehlkopf), einem schwedischen Tenor, dessen Geschichte er visuell mit dem Lebensweg seines Großvaters masht, der im russischen Knast für die Knackis und die Wärter gesungen hat.

Bjoerling debuted at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm and eventually became a principal at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. These two spaces – and the others that I have photographed thus far – are the spaces in which my grandfather, Anton Gutman, never got the chance to perform. Gutman was a cantor trained right after World War II by Helge Rosvaenge, a famous Danish operatic tenor who sang regularly with the State Operas in Berlin and Vienna. While Gutman was interned in a prisoner-of-war camp in the Soviet Union, he performed for prisoners and officers. Nearly a half-century later, I grew up listening to him sing while he walked around our living room.

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