The best Comic-Cover Remix-Blog is no more: R.I.P. Covered

Covered is no more. Eins der ersten und besten Comic-Cover-Remixblogs gibt auf, sad day. Auf Covered lieferten Illustratoren und Comiczeichner mal mehr, mal weniger tolle Varianten bekannter Comics. Robert wird im Verlauf der Woche den Rest der verbliebenen, eingesendeten Zeichnungen veröffentlichen und dann ist Schicht im Schacht. Sehr schade um das tolle Projekt.

I've decided to have Covered go out with a bang. For the next week or so, I'm going to post two covers a day until I run out.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the artists who sent covers to this blog. 1,000 covers is a lot and there are a lot of great artists who have been featured here. Running this, I've had the pleasure to discover strong new talents as well as getting to work with some of my heroes. It's been a wonderful experience. I'd also like to thank those who would visit and leave the occasional comment. Sadly, nobody got paid doing this, it was a labor of love for all involved. Feedback was all that the artists were going to receive for hours of work. The blog will stay up, so if you see something you love, leave a comment and let them know.

Nach dem Klick 'ne Galerie mit meinen Favs aus den letzten 9 Monaten.

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