Pac Mac-Watch made from Moon Rocks and Apollo 11-Parts

Romain Jerome hat mal wieder Uhren aus Mondgestein und Teilen von Apollo 11 am Start, diesmal garantiert sauteure Pac Man-Uhren (via Killscreen):

Romain Jerome is once again taking you on a crazy round of video games with a limited series of 80 watches designed after the cult PAC-MAN™. In association with NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. RJ-Romain Jerome is bringing the famous insatiable yellow character back to life with four series of 20 pieces paying tribute to this generational flagship Eighties icon. INSERT COIN! […]

LET’S PLAY … Having inherited the highly distinctive case of the Moon Invader collection, a circle in a cambered 46 mm square, the PAC-MAN watches also feature steel fused with fragments of Apollo 11. The four ball-and-socket joints at the corners of the case are functional and designed like the legs of the lunar landing module in American lunar expeditions. Boasting a highly sophisticated construction, and mounted on axles anchored in the case, these ball-and-socket joints hold the lugs of the rubber straps and their mobility make the watch easily adaptable to all wrist sizes. On the back of the watch, a disc made of Moon SilverRJ – a low-oxidation silver fused with moon rocks – reproduces the surface of the Moon. Each of the three dial levels is engraved with a pixelated matrix. The lower two levels are beadblasted, while the upper level features straight-grained edges. The characters and fruits adorning the dial stem from meticulous craftsmanship. Machined piece by piece, applied by hand and gem-set, they are subsequently lacquered with different colours or with black superluminova “green emission”, thus recreating actual game sequences. POWER UP!

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