A Ton of Links: James Brown Animated, Nerf Gun-History and Dial M for Murder

09.09.2012 Misc #Linkdump

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 Vimeo Direktbutterfly

Unity on Vimeo
Eclipse - YouTube
(collabo!) x kidrobot x sucklord on Vimeo: (collabo!) visited sucklord in his suckstudio. it didn't suck.

 Vimeo Direktjames

Director's Cut - James Brown music video - It's Man's Man's Man's World on Vimeo

Our Curiosity on Vimeo: What might be more remarkable than creating crucial equipment destined for Mars? For a second time? Well, creating a thriving motivated company culture with a team of career employees-the kind who lie in bed at night thinking, "what can I do in the morning when I get there?" The kind who take on responsibility, impose their own high standards and like Amy Sovina, have the "mindset something I touched is now on the surface of Mars."

How Nerf Became the World's Best Purveyor of Big Guns for Kids | Wired Design | Wired.com: For Jablonski, blasters are the most satisfying Nerf products to create, each one requiring the participation of about 15 Hasbro designers, engineers, marketers, product development specialists, model makers, model painters, and computer-aided design experts in both Pawtucket and Hong Kong. Over the years, Jablonski's blaster work has made him to Nerf what Jony Ive is to Apple-an in-house guru, keeper of the brand's look and feel. With each new blaster, he tries to surpass the one that came before. The key question, he says, is: How do you outdo yourself?

Warren Ellis – How To See The Future: To be a futurist, in pursuit of improving reality, is not to have your face continually turned upstream, waiting for the future to come. To improve reality is to clearly see where you are, and then wonder how to make that better. Act like you live in the Science Fiction Condition. Act like you can do magic and hold séances for the future and build a brightness control for the sky. Act like you live in a place where you could walk into space if you wanted. Think big. And then make it better.

Back To The Old School - Groovy Stationery Adverts:

UNDER BLACK CARPETS is an investigation into the use and misuse of the cityscape as evidence.: Under Black Carpets is an investigation into the use and misuse of the cityscape where by architecture is considered both the obstacle and the tool to bridge or separate you from what you're looking for, in both legal and illegal agendas.

How Culture Drove Human Evolution | Conversation | Edge: Think back to when humans first got the capacity for cumulative cultural evolution – and by this I mean the ability for ideas to accumulate over generations, to get an increasingly complex tool starting from something simple. One generation adds a few things to it, the next generation adds a few more things, and the next generation, until it's so complex that no one in the first generation could have invented it. This was a really important line in human evolution, and we've begun to pursue this idea called the cultural brain hypothesis – this is the idea that the real driver in the expansion of human brains was this growing cumulative body of cultural information, so that what our brains increasingly got good at was the ability to acquire information, store, process and retransmit this non genetic body of information.

Infographic: Palestinian homes demolished - Interactive - Al Jazeera English: Report by an Israeli non-governmental organisation says 2011 was a record year for Palestinian displacement.

Observations on film art : DIAL M FOR MURDER: Hitchcock frets not at his narrow room: Films in the Kammerspiel mode find drama in intimacy and routine. Sometimes called "doorknob cinema," these films draw suspense out of prosaic activities: crossing a room or simply waiting for someone to come through a doorway can become major turning points. Dial M is doorknob cinema par excellence; a latch comes close to being a character. But the director's problem is to dynamize this enclosed space, to make furniture and entryways and trips back and forth across a parlor engrossing. So it's a question of how to film it all.

The new political art by James Panero - The New Criterion: Do the arts offer special access to political truth? History would say no. Following David's example, political art has mainly meant the seduction of art by the state. In the twentieth century, the arts were used to advance regimes that sought to oppress the very freedoms that had given rise to their artistic champions. Communism and Fascism each used art to destroy art. Meanwhile, in the free world, with a few notable exceptions, art that has been "politically engaged" has most often been directed against those who defend freedom while either ignoring or praising those who oppose it. Or politics has been used as a selling point, offering art with the illusion of controversy while merely reiterating the assumptions of the buying public.

Anonymous: behind the masks of the cyber insurgents | Technology | The Observer: Since 2008, the internet collective have hacked the CIA, the Sun newspaper, the Church of Scientology and a host of other large corporations, sparking a global police crackdown last year. But who and what are Anonymous? A radical new form of activism -or just bored teenagers? We talk to some of the 'hacktivists' and the experts who tracked them down in the deep web

Datenschutz - Kontrollverlust im Netz: Kontrollverlust - dieses Wort hat Michael Seemann geprägt und zum Titel seines Blogs gemacht. Darin beschreibt er, wie es uns die frei fluktuierenden Daten im Netz praktisch unmöglich machen, zu kontrollieren, was mit persönlichen Daten geschieht.