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Oben erstmal ein toller, subtil zerschossener neuer Track von Zebra Katz und Boyfriend namens „W8WTF“, gefolgt von grandiosem LoFi-Punk von No Monster Club mit „Otherworld Blisters“. Zu letzterem muss ich noch loswerden, dass Bobby Aherne (eben jener No Monster Club) gestern ein limitiertes Album auf 'nem C90-Tape veröffentlicht hat, die Tracklist umfasst 46 Songs. Kaufen kann man das auf 100 Stück limitierte Tape-Album hier, Snip:

September 4th sees the release of No Monster Club's ‘Posthumous Hits’ on Already Dead Tapes and Records.
The creation of young Irish songwriter Bobby Aherne (who tragically passed away earlier this year, aged 24), this cassette comprises of 46 tracks recorded between 2009 and 2012. Unearthed after his death, the album has been lovingly mastered by Mark Chester (Grand Pocket Orchestra/Ginnels) and prepared for release by his bandmates, friends and family.

Having acquired a laptop for his eighteenth birthday, Aherne started to record for fun and went on to release eleven records on his own, before being joined by Mark Chester (bass) and Paddy Hanna (drums). As a trio they toured Europe, released three further records and shared a stage with Ariel Pink, So Cow, Sic Alps, Squarehead, Panda Kid, Jeff The Brotherhood, Wavves, Girls Names, Abe Vigoda and HEALTH.

In the meantime, Aherne continued to produce his own solo material as before; a clattering smorgsabord of bubblegum, baroque and symphonic pop, lo-fi rock, psychedelia and TV theme tunes. This is the music which we have collected here: songs for the park, songs for the beach, songs for your kitchen/living room/bedroom, songs for your school, songs for your holidays, songs for your commute, songs for your wedding reception, songs for your kids' birthday parties, and songs for your funeral.

There is a lifetime contained within these ninety minutes.

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