Irans Camo-Perfume

Neueste Erfindung aus dem Iran: Ein Parfum, das den Geruch des Kriegs (aka Schießpulver) überdecken soll. Kommt in den Duftnoten Frischluft, Regenwetter, Seeluft und Tee.

In one of the more bizarre military inventions from Iran, the U.S. arch-enemy has reportedly developed a perfume machine to hide troops during combat.

Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency reported that an Iranian inventor created a “fragrance making and spraying device to deceive enemies on the battlefield.” The invention, called “Deceit Perfume” and jointly built as a “strategic project of the armed forces,” is intended to camouflage the smell of gunpowder by spreading odors over “vast areas.” Tehran’s troops will also have a choice of four agreeable aromas: fresh air, rainy weather, seaside weather (for the navy) and tea, according to the news agency.

Perfume of War: Iran Makes Musk to Conceal Troops