Anatomical Cocktails

Miss Cakehead veranstaltet im Oktober ein Dinner namens „Eat your Heart out“ (Facebook-Event) mit jeder Menge blutigem Kuchen und Krams (ein paar davon hatte ich hier schon gebloggt) und jetzt hat sie die Drinks und Cocktails gebloggt, die's dort dazu geben wird. „A variety of disturbing medically inspired cocktails“, von den Überresten von Selbstmordattentätern bis Stuhlproben ist alles dabei, yum!

The cocktails are being created by James Dance of Loading, a Falmouth based internet café and games arcade and go way beyond anything seen before. For example the flavoured vodka in ‘Stomach Contents’ [„inspired by the stomach contents of a teenage suicide victim“] hasn’t been skimmed to purposefully ensure it will visibly contain the perfect teenage diet of chocolate pieces and skittles, the drink garnished with empty pill casings. A shot of absinthe on the top will be reflective of the green hue of stomach bile.

Other drinks on the menu include:
‘Charred Remains’ [„inspired by the remains of a suicide bomber“] made from vodka and Jack Daniels with a crispy meat garnish. The ‘Stool Sample’ being a creamy drink with cocoa, strawberry syrup & fudge pieces used to give the medically correct consistency of a sample. ‘Fat’ will come with a solid fatty layer on top made from white chocolate melted and reset to create the effect and the ingredients of the ‘Sanitizer’ cocktail are designed to cleanse your palette. Finally the ‘Urine’ cocktail (below middle) will come in a sample bottle, and is also offered warm for those who are after an even more authentic experience and can stomach the added reality.