Terrorism Coloring Book featuring Julian Assange

Der amerikanische Kinderbuchverlag Big Coloring Books Inc. aus St. Louis hat ein Terrorismus-Malbuch für Kids rausgebracht, ein „teaching and learning tool that's rated PG-13“. Darin finden sich jede Menge militärischer Vehikel und Portraits bekannter Diktatoren zum Ausmalen, ein Auszug einer Befragung des Chefs der Homeland Security durch Michele Bachman über die Muslim Brotherhood sowie eine reihe farbiger Sammelkarten mit bekannten Terroristen vom UNA-Bomber, den Beltway Snipern, den Attentätern vom 11. September und… Julian Assange. Von Yahoo:

"We don't take a position on the books we publish. It would be very difficult for us to do that," Bells says. "We publish books based on readership, just like many publishers around the world. Our company is not on a soap box for anything, period. Zero," he adds. "We publish books that readers buy."

Yeah, right. Indoktrination durch die amerikanische Rechte zum Ausmalen. Idiots.

Julien Assange Terrorist-Coloring BookOn the table of contents page kids are urged to "share the information in this book with your friends, neighbors, teachers, educators, religious leaders." They're also cautioned to get their parents' permission before taking the book to school "to share with friends." It's the type of book that people have to judge by its content, not its cover, Bell explains.

"A lot of people simply love the book because it's not politically correct, and they're not teaching the history of terrorism in schools today," he says. "This book has nothing to do with the Muslim faith. It has nothing to do with Islam. It just so happens that a lot of the high-profile terrorists happen to be radical Islamic jihadists." […]

"Why trading cards? It's kind of interesting," he says. "It's kind of like when the U.S. government made USA playing cards with terrorists on the playing cards, from the Ace of Spades down to the Deuce of Hearts. It's just another feature in the book that's pretty unique in that it explains terrorists and terrorism."

"It's unique in the fact that we try to name them and shame them, the actual faces of evil," he adds.

New 9/11 Coloring Book Features Terrorist Trading Cards (via Hacker News)

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