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theNewAesthetic.js ist ne JavaScript Library mit funktionen für Glitches, Photoshop Selection Ants oder Google Maps. Nette Spielerei!

theNewAesthetic.js is an executable-essay / open-source javascript artware-library for quick [re]production of 'New Aesthetic' compositions and related new-media art tropes. […] artist and researcher Greg Borenstein has compared the New Aesthetic [NA] to a recent movement in philosophy called Object Oriented Ontology. So it only seemed appropriate to utilize an object-oriented programming language, like javascript, to code-ify it.

theNewAesthetic.js uses the HTML5 canvas element, so you'll need a modern browser (fux IE), there's a tad bit of server side activities, so (where noted) it's best to run a local server for development ( i.e. MAMP or WAMP ).

theNewAesthetic.js (via Creators Project)

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