Chinese Facekini-Fashion on the Beach

Neuester Fashiontrend in der chinesischen Hafenstadt Qingdao: Die Damen tragen am Strand bunte Skimasken und sehen aus wie Pussy Riot, um sich ihre blasse Hautfarbe zu erhalten. Blässe ist ein chinesisches Schönheitsideal.

Chinese FacekiniQingdaonese swimmers have recently made waves on Chinese Internet sites for their bizarre swimming gear: colorful, full-face masks. Dubbed "facekini," the fabric masks cover a swimmer's entire head and neck down to the collar bones. Holes are cut for eyes, nostrils and mouth.

According to Chinese media, most "facekini women" are retired middle-aged Qingdaonese who swim regularly in the ocean. "[I wear this because] I fear getting tanned," said Wang Xiuzhi (王秀芝), a "facekini woman" on Qingdao's No. 1 Bathing Beach, as reported by Xinhua. "I come here to swim often and [the mask] does work," Wang added. White skin is considered a sign of beauty in China.

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