Making Of The Darkness' Hot Cakes-Cover

The Darkness Hot Cakes

The Darkness Hot Cakes

Diego Gravinese hat einige Behind The Scenes-Shots zum Making Of des Covers des neuen The Darkness-Albums online gestellt. Lecker Mädchen in Ahornsirup und goldenen Bikinis auf riesigen Pfannkuchen. Ihr wisst schon. Hier ein Interview mit Creative Director Rob Chenery und ein paar der Bilder, hier der Flickr-Stream von Diego Gravinese, der aus dem Fotoshooting eins seiner Gemälde machte und hier 'ne Flickr-Galerie von yours truly, weil Gravinese seine Bilder nicht wirklich sortiert. Die Platte wäre natürlich auch ohne Ahornsirup und Goldbikinis absolute Pflicht für mich.

The Darkness Hot CakesCould you please give us a brief description of the creative and execution process? And, was the band involved throughout it?

Tourist put forward style boards for various props including gold bikinis, sunglasses, etc., the look of the models from magazine reference as well as how we wanted the syrup to drip off the pancakes. We sent all the style books to the band to approve before the shoot commenced. The band’s brief was to create ‘an unapologetically mainstream 70’s porn, kitsch Linda Lovelace vs Raquel Welch vibe’ with big, bold retro looking typography.

Trying to find a 3D modelling company in London to build three giant 8-foot pancakes within the budget was impossible, so we had everything created in Argentina for the shoot.

Diego was let loose to transform it into a retro looking piece of art after a considerable amount of retouching on the final photo to get the syrup looking just right. The album is out on CD Deluxe and gatefold LP mushroom vinyl on August 20.

The making of ‘Hot Cakes’ (via Quipsologies)

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Und weil Ihr's eh verpasst habt, nach dem Klick nochmal der neue Clip von The Darkness zu „Everybody have a good Time“.

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