50 Shades of Grey-Lorem Ipsum

Ich hab „50 Shades of Grey“ (selbstverständlich) nicht gelesen, aber ich denke, als Blindtext-Generator gibt das Buch einiges her:

My throat was so full of cumtree and cock snot, the love piss was leaching down my chin and onto my tatas. It was bliss having his tallywacker shoved inside me again; stuffing my whispering eye with a number of chillies just didn't get my one slice toaster spouting like it used to. Hours of fucking like this would leave any girl's furburger looking like a werewolf with it's throat cut, and I was no different! I can't wait to consume the steamin' semen from his giggle stick. The feeling of his baby gravy dribbling down my throat got my flange custard flowing quicker than greased shit off a shiny shovel.

Fifty Shades Generator (via Designtaxi)