Muppet Totem and the Threadless-Cakes 2012


ThreadlessYummy! Threadless hat die Teilnehmer des diesjährigen Threadcakes-Contest zusammen, in dem Leute nach Motiven der Designershirts Kuchen backen. Obiger Muppet-Totem sieht schonmal super aus, es gibt aber noch eine ganze Reihe weiterer lecker Designerkuchenshirts. Von Wired:

It all started with Cardinal’s Threadless fan blog (now defunct). Back in 2007, he was writing about new shirts, designers, and crowdsourcing and became friends with the social media team at the Chicago-based company. Then one late night, he came up with “this crazy idea to create a Threadless-themed cake-baking competition.” He asked his readers to send in cake photos, not knowing whether or not they’d take the challenge.

Bake they did. The first year generated over a hundred entries, competing for a mere $100 in prizes. The competition was featured on Digg (Remember when “Digging” was a thing!?) and received 45,000 visits in one day. The attention caught Cardinal by surprise. All of a sudden his email inbox was jammed with cake photos. “I looked through 900 pictures of cake and decided I wasn’t doing that again.” He named a winner, but had no plans to continue. But Threadless wanted another helping, and reached out to Cardinal, asking him to rerun the competition.

Inside Threadcakes, America’s Craftiest Cake Competition