MCA still a cool Beastie, bans his Music for Commercials from the Grave

Adam YauchAdam „MCA“ Yauch hat in seinem Testament festgelegt, dass weder sein Bild noch seine Musik, Filme oder Kunst jemals für Werbung genutzt werden darf. Damit bleibt dem Mann das Schicksal von Lennon oder Johnny Cash erspart. R.I.P., coole Socke.

Late Beastie Boys member MCA made sure he would never be a corporate sellout — even in the afterlife. The pioneering rapper, whose real name is Adam Yauch, instructed in his will that his image, music and any art he created could not be used for advertising, saving himself from the fate of other deceased musicians whose faces and songs have become corporate shills.

Yauch's will, filed Tuesday in Manhattan Surrogate Court, says the Brooklyn native's entire fortune of $6.4 million should be placed in a trust for his wife, Dechen Yauch, and their 13-year-old daughter. It also says Dechen has the right to sell and manage his artistic property.

MCA's Will Bans Companies From Using Beastie Boys Songs in Ads (via AnimalyNY)