Al Jazeera über Copyright-Wars und die Kontrolle über das Internet

Angesichts der hochgenommenen Bittorrent-Site Demonoid (hier die letzte Meldung dazu auf Torrentfreak, Anonymous hat bereits die obligatorische „#Operation Demonoid Engaged“) eine schöne Mini-Doku von Al Jazeera über die Copyright-Kriege um die Kontrolle über das Internet. Die Doku erzählt zwar nix neues, aber das Thema wird wohl noch auf absehbare Zeit aktuell bleiben.

The online community rose up against the US government to speak out against SOPA, and the anti-online piracy bill was effectively killed off after the largest online protest in US history. But it was only one win in a long battle between US authorities and online users over internet regulation. SOPA and PIPA were just the latest in a long line of anti-piracy legislation US politicians have passed since the 1990s. […]

Can and should the internet be controlled? Who gets that power? How far will the US government go to gain power over the web? And will this mean the end of a free and global internet? Fault Lines looks at the fight for control of the web, life in the digital age and the threat to cyber freedom, asking if US authorities are increasingly trying to regulate user freedoms in the name of national and economic security.