Epic Chain of Screenshots of a Pic of an Image of an Epic Chain of Screenshots…

08.08.2012 Fun #Recursion

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Schöne Idee von Paul Weber und Friends, die sowas wie eine semi-rekursive Bilderkette auf Reddit veranstaltet haben und darauf diesen Clip bastelten.

A few weeks ago (as of today August 2012) a friend of mine from Ohio, Matt Hodges (@hodgesmr), posted a hilarious picture of himself posing next to a monitor with a picture of some un named girl. Before I even had a chance to “like” it he has already taken it down citing “Mal is pissed.” Much to my delight 10 minutes later there was a picture of his roommate and co-worker posing with a monitor with the original picture. I thought this was so funny that I had to get in the act from all the way in Washington DC. A few more of his co-workers, and a few more of mine later, and we had tapped out our co-worker resources. We posted this awesome image thread to facebook, and after tapping out our friend resources on facebook, we knew where we had to go with this epic troll. Reddit.

A picture of a picture (via Laughing Squid)