Max Capacitys VHS-Glitch-Art

Tumblrs Storyboard hat ein sehr schickes Portrait über die VHS- und Glitch-Art von Max Capacity.

Toxic AvengerBetween his broken VHS tapes and hacked Nintendo games, Max Capacity conducts a staticky stream of pop culture imagery from the past with the verve of the digital now. Anything is fair game — from 80s TV commercials to FBI warnings, the Santa Cruz native even makes TV static entirely his own.

But how to define his work: video art? Digital art? Net art? Sure, he makes animated GIFs but calling him a “.GIF artist” ignores how much work he does with multiple camcorders, VCRs, and home-brewed glitch tech. Each image represents a huge amount of labor — digital and physical — and how to represent that in a categorical description presents a unique challenge.

Max Capacity: Net Necromancer