Google Streetview goes NASA

Auf Googles Streetview kann man seit gestern auf dem Kennedy Space Center der NASA rumlatschen und sich Space Shuttles, die Launchpads, das Kontrollzentrum und ein paar andere Sachen angucken. Sweet! Hier die Links zu den einzelnen Vehikeln und Orten:

The Space Shuttle Launch Pad, The Top of the Gigantic Launch Pad, The Vehicle Assembly Building , Launch Firing Room #4, The Shuttle’s Main Engines, The Saturn V Rocket, The Atlantis Orbiter, The Endeavour Orbiter

For fifty years, NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida has been the launch point for a generation of space technology and exploration. Countless enthusiasts (including this one) grew up longing to see a space shuttle up close and walk in the paths of astronauts. Today, a collaboration between NASA and Street View is enabling people around the world to take a trip to the doorway to outer space, and see Kennedy as it transitions into a multipurpose launch complex for the next 50 years of space innovation. This location is our largest special collection of Street View imagery to date, totaling 6,000 panoramic views of the facilities, and expanding our mission to document the world’s most amazing places.

Street View visits the Kennedy Space Center