CLOP is QWOP with Unicorns

Bennett Foddy hat einen Nachfolger zu seinem 100m-Lauf-Simulator QWOP online gestellt: Den Einhorn-Simulator CLOP, hier sein Thread auf Reddit. Ich habs bislang auch nur ungefähr zwei Meter weit geschafft. Hier ein paar Tipps von da:

I seem to get good speed on flatground by simply alternating h+j and k+l ... but as soon as I get to the hill, it all goes to hell. Has anyone had better luck?

I just do L->K->J->H over and over, occasionally pausing, when I get to a dangerous incline, I only use H and K, alternating between simultaneous (H+K) and alternating key presses (H->K)… It's worked quite well, got to the halfway point.

Try L-H-J-K at different speeds, you'll have to climb up the hill carefully because the fucking unicorn is too rear-heavy.

I've been alternating hk and lj, works allright...

I got all the way up the first hill with hitting l-k-h in sequence, skipping j because it's a back leg and too much back leg makes me flip over backwards. When you start going back down the hill again, I can't help you.

CLOP (via Daniel)

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