Ultraviolet Skeletal Tattoo

Redditor Kconn04 hat sich vor fünf Jahren ein UV-Tattoo stechen lassen. Mittlerweile ist das Ding verblasst und mit Allergien wegen der ganzen Chemikalien in UV-Tinte hat der Mann wohl ganz einfach Schwein gehabt:

- So if anyone is interested in getting one I just have one thing to say. Mine is almost completely faded by now and you can see a couple of the edges of the bones and that's it. So be prepared for a couple of touch ups on it. I've have it for 5 years now and no health problems. […]

- You are very lucky to have no health problems. A lot of chemicals and phosphorous are in UV pigments (inks) for tattoos that can cause illness, irritations, rashes, allergies, and cancers. UV and glow tattoos are very new to the industry, and as a tattoo artist I personally don't do them as I would rather my clients not be guinea pigs.

Ultraviolet Tattoo (via Ronny)