The Evil of the Daleks and other Podcasts

Swen hat gestern eine ganze Reihe schöner „Science in SciFi“-Podcasts gepostet und ich höre mir jetzt erstmal eine philosophische Abhandlung über das Wesen des Bösen anhand der Daleks an, ein paar Gedanken eines Psychologen über Batman und den jüngsten Amoklauf und Cory Doctorow über Copyright.

The evil of the Daleks
Radio ABC: "They are among the most loved, or most feared, villains in science fiction. But what is it that makes Dalek such great baddies? What constitutes evil and why do the Daleks represent a very specific idea about rationality and morality? This week, we talk to a philosopher about what the Daleks have to tell us—in their mechanical, screechy voices—about who we are." […]

Dr. Travis Langley - Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight (M4a File) "Dr. Langley is both a social psychologist, and a comic fan who labels himself a "superheroologist." In this podcast he shares his thoughts on the Colorado shooting and alleged connections to Batman, and additional thoughts on superheroes in American culture." […]

Cory Doctorow on Copyright
Radio ABC 16.07.2012: "A funny thing happened on the way to the 21st century, copyright policy ceased to exist. Because every copyright policy that we make has a seismic effect on the Internet, and you can’t regulate copying without regulating the Internet."

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