Kiddy judges a Book by its Cover

Sunny Chanel hat ihre 6jährige Tochter mit Süßkram bestochen und sie die Storys einiger Literaturklassiker aufgrund des Covers raten lassen. Fahrenheit 451 ist über „a gigantic robot who goes on fire“, Cuckoos Nest „looks like a really sweet kiddy book“ und Clockwork Orange handelt von „a very colorful robot“.

Und zu meinem Lieblingsbuch Steppewolf meint'se: „'That looks VERY CREEPY!!!' (My daughter insisted that there be three, exactly three exclamation points). 'It looks like it would be scary and very very strange and about creepy things. The story is about a very very hairy eagle who hangs out with fancy ladies.'“

Ein sehr haariger Adler, der mit extravaganten Damen rumhängt. Schlaues Kind! Could be president or more.

Judging a Book by Its Cover: A 6-year-old Guesses What Classic Novels Are All About (via MeFi)